Foxy, the multi-coloured fox

♥ Children's book Foxy the colorful fox. Exciting children's book about foxes on real events based on the author's experiences. Read together now ♥
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Foxy, the multi-coloured fox This children's book tells the story of a curious little fox,... mehr

Foxy, the multi-coloured fox

This children's book tells the story of a curious little fox, Foxy, who causes a disturbance in a small town with his nightly visits. Things suddenly start disappearing from the gardens, but at first no one knows who the culprit is. The citizens are exasperated. Then the case is taken in hand by two boys. With a clever trick, they finally manage to put a stop to the thieving. This story is partly based on a true story about foxes that happened in the author's neighbouring town. What could be better than a good book? What could be better than being read to by a loving person you can snuggle up to, and following a story while looking at lots of colourful pictures? Reading aloud to children is not only important for vocabulary, it creates closeness, promotes emotional and social skills and also awakens an interest in reading in them later on. The author, Karin Keck, lives with her family in Isny in beautiful Allgäu. She has loved picture books since her childhood and even owned more books than toys. Her big dream has always been to write children's books.


  • Softcover
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Altersempfehlung: 5-8 Jahre


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